“It’s because I’m a woman” says senator who must’ve missed last 12 months of politics

Senator Hanson Young has maintained today that the only reason her sex life was brought up was because she’s a woman, despite politics being nothing but sex fuelled innuendo for the last 12 months.

The comments came after Senator David Leyonhjelm implied Ms Hanson Young was a bit of a slut after a heated debate in the senate last week.

Although the sentiment behind the comments is almost identical to those made by Michaela Cash regarding Bill Shorten and his man whorish behaviour, Ms Young said it was evidence women can’t go anywhere without being slut shamed.

The reporter for this story wishes to state that the following is a direct quote from Ms Hanson Young regarding Malcolm Turnbull’s response to the incident. This reporter felt no need to paraphrase or alter it in any way.

“I just want to congratulate the Prime Minister for saying very clearly that the comments from Senator Leyonhjelm to me were wrong, but also drawing the link between the disrespect of women and the violence towards women because the Prime Minister is right: all violence towards women, whether it be in the privacy of their own home, or like that poor young woman (Eurydice Dixon) walking home from work in Melbourne, all violence towards women stems from disrespect and the Prime Minister must be congratulated for making that link and urging us as a nation to do better.”

The mother of Eurydice Dixon said she was glad her daughters violent rape and murder was being compared to a childish comment made by a politician and could see how it was pretty much the same thing.

The mother also gave permission for Ms Hanson Young to keep exploiting her daughters death in order to score political points.

As long as Ms Hanson Young gets her apology.

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  1. “Childish comments” or reducing them to such is part of the problem. Worth mentioning that this was Leyonhams response in a discussion about violence against women…….As the author decided to speculate on victims families feelings on this matter, I would say they would be far more offended and distressed for one that a discussion was 1. Reduced to a conversation about sexual behaviour and 2. Made into an “edgey” joke. Neither of which Hanson Young did. There’s funny and then there is dangerous and pervasive. This article is the latter.

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