Interview With A White Knight – A True Story

The name in this article has been changed because the last thing this man wants is attention.

It didn’t take much congratulations for Nate Smith’s progressive views before he realised he was one of the few good men left, always willing to show his support for whatever cause was popular at the time.

Before long everyone was praising him. Was this the hero we all needed? The women were on his side. The blacks were too, and every knows women and black people are always right. Here was our hero, our saviour.

His pen was mighty, denouncing white men as racist came easy to him. It was an accepted narrative and one easily tapped into. Punching up as they say. Because blacks and women were punching down. He would never make fun of the people he considered beneath him. The ones who were desperate for his help.

His friends said he had changed and remembered him when he used to think it was okay to make racist and sexist jokes but he was better than that now.

He’d grown. Travelled. Knew that jokes were the cause of the world’s problems and white men were the ones making them.

Were black people capable of racism? Were women just as petty and hateful as men? None of it mattered, he had a target in his cross hairs and there’s no point looking up from the scope when you’re a man on a mission.

Plus the women waving their kerchiefs in wild admiration was surely enough to keep any man going.

And how the women praised him.

Finally a man brave enough to admit he was part of the problem.

Finally a man who admitted he was flawed and felt great shame for it.

Was he perfect? Of course not! But at least he was man enough to admit it and that’s more than you can say for yourself.

He knew it and he wasn’t going to stop until everyone was as good as himself.

But was it all a lie? Was the media constantly lying to us and causing us to squabble amongst ourselves while our masters made hay? Were we all becoming mindless drones easily manipulated?

Again, none of it mattered to Nate. What really mattered was the way a sexist joke always led to something much worse and not enough brown people reading the news.

That’s where his outrage lies.