Trans woman dies of cancer after failing to tell Dr she identified with having a prostate

A trans woman, otherwise known as a biological man, has died from prostate cancer after her doctor saw no reason for an examination because she identified as a typical woman.

Evie Longman wasn’t diagnosed with the illness until after she died and never received a prostate exam in her lifetime because her Doctor saw no need for the test.

“On her medical form she had ticked the female box” her doctor said.

“So when she came in for her check up I saw no reason to perform a prostate test on her. Even though she was over 50 and all men should check that area once they reach that age”

“If I had checked I would’ve noticed she had highly advanced cancer.”

The news comes after a busy week for the trans community where they successfully discriminated against Scarlett Johansson because of her gender, as well as getting a U.K. Doctor fired after he refused to acknowledge there was more than 2 genders.

Dr David Mackerath who was recently employed by the U.K. government said he was fired because he refused to use certain gender pro nouns.

“I believe in biology and genes when it comes to gender.” Dr Mackerath said.

“We can literally break gender down to the most minuscule bits of DNA and in this DNA there is only 2 types of chromosome. Male and female.”

“Regardless of what your imagination is telling you.”

“But because I believe this I’m a bigot and was fired.”

“Funny thing is, the only evidence we have to the contrary is a small group of people who feel a certain way. But how they feel isn’t good enough to overthrow all biological and genetic research in my opinion.”

Although sympathetic to Dr Mackerath, trans activist Georgie Trixett said it was vital people were forced into believing what she believed otherwise it would hurt trans people feelings and put them at risk of suicide.

“We can’t exist in this world unless everyone agrees with us.” she said.

“If you don’t then you will drive us to suicide. Do you want us to kill ourselves?”

“No? Then you have to agree with us.”

“I mean, can’t you see how intolerant you’re being?”