#NotAllAfricans trends after Africans refuse to take personal responsibility for woman’s death

Hashtag #NotAllAfricans has received a social media backlash today after critics blamed Africans for not taking personal responsibility for the violent death of a Melbourne woman on the weekend.

The hashtag was a response to the way all Africans were being blamed for the actions of a small minority with African leaders saying it was important that violent Africans were not lumped into the same category as the rest of them.

However, critics of the hashtag said it was only fair that all Africans received part of the blame in the same way all men received part of the blame in the aftermath of Eurydice Dixon’s death.

Melbourne feminist Dementime Holden said she highly critical of the #NotAllMen hashtag so it was only right to feel the same way about #NotAllAfricans.

“A women was violently killed in Melbourne over the weekend and all you care about are the feelings of Africans” she said.

“Don’t you realise this isn’t about your feelings?”

“Africans need to grow up and accept they are part of the problem”