Stop sensationalising the news says man who compares anyone who disagrees with him to Hitler

The Nazi’s are everywhere.

That’s according to 28 year old perpetual student Thomas Creedence and it’s only a matter of time before we’re over run.

“It is obvious we are starting to go down the same path as 1940’s Germany right here in Australia.” he told us, rather sensationally.

“The media is sensationalising everything and giving voice to countless Nazi’s. I can’t even turn on the TV anymore without fascism being forced down my throat.”

When asked what constituted a Nazi or a fascist in modern Australian society, Mr Creedence explained it was anyone who didn’t agree with his well thought out and highly emotional ideas.

“I pretty much use the word to describe anyone who doesn’t agree with me as well as anyone who thinks rounding up and gassing 6 million jews was a good thing.”

“They are just as evil as each other in my eyes”

For a deeper understanding of the issue we also spoke with fascism expert and history professor, Ms Tracey Brimmer.

“You only have to look at the facts to see fascism is rampant.” she said.

“Through out the Middle East gays are killed or imprisoned. Women are subjugated. Jews need to be eradicated. All media is controlled. If you criticise the government you will be killed or locked away for the rest of your life without a trial. Criticise religion and you will most likely meet the same fate.”

“There is no freedom of thought and no freedom of expression.”

“Just fascism and Nazism at it’s absolute finest and it would make Hitler proud to see how Middle Eastern totalitarian dictators have kept his dreams alive.”

“But in Australia the people who criticise the ideology of those countries are the real Nazi’s.”

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  1. Nurses in Australia are going to be required by law to tell Aboriginal patients they treat that they “are sorry for being White.” Seriously, I am sickened.

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