#MeToo leader to receive fair trial and due process after having sex with underage boy

Leaders of the #MeToo movement have called for calm and due process after leader Asia Argento was accused of having sex with an underage child actor.

Ms Argento, who was one of the leaders accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape, has been lucky to receive the full support of the other women involved in the movement with most leaders calling for fair and rational treatment.

“It’s important we don’t get carried away by accusations” prominent spokesman Rose McGowan tweeted.

“She shouldn’t have to lose her job or be forced into hiding and we need to make sure she receives as little media attention as possible. We don’t want a witch hunt after all”

“Just look at how calmly and fairly we treated Aziz Ansari and Geoffrey Rush and all the other men who had allegations made against them”

The allegations against Ms Argento are slightly more concrete however, and include semi naked selfies of the pair in a hotel room as well as messages showing the 37 year old woman preying on the 17 year old.

The age of consent in California is 18 which technically makes Ms Argento a child sex offender, although it’s hard to feel too sorry for the teenager.

The details of their relationship are yet to be revealed but it is believed the the pair first met in 2003 when the boy was 7 years old and Argento was playing the role of his mother in the film The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

Although the support for Ms Argento has been almost universal some have found a way to blame Harvey Weinstein for the accusations.

Rosanna Arquette, who was another prominent leader, tweeted it was only natural that Ms Argento would act this way based on what Weinstein did to her.

“Trauma begets trauma. Until we heal ourselves. We are all on a path to healing.” the tweet read.

She then applied the same logic and forgave Harvey Weinstein considering he must’ve had a traumatic event happen to him which caused him to treat women the way he did.

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