Australia will never be safe until the Government has power to do as it pleases

Australia will never be safe until the government has the power to do as it the pleases, the Australian government has confirmed today.

The news comes after parliament pushed through anti encryption laws led by home affairs minister Peter Dutton.

Some have seen the move as an invasion of privacy that will allow the government to monitor the conversations and actions of every Australian citizen but Minister Dutton said any criticism is unwarranted.

“These new laws are for your safety” he said.

“And in order to keep you all safe we need to be able to know what every one is doing at any given moment.”

 “You may think I’m just after power but you need to ask yourself what is more likely. That I’m some jaded ex cop who’s in love with control and power or that I’m a hero who only wants what’s best for you.”

“I think it’s pretty obvious I’m doing this for you”

“And you need to help me, help you”

Mr Dutton also said the threat from pedophiles and terrorism was everywhere but he was willing to rid us of these evils as long as we’re willing to trust him to look after us.

“All you have to do is give us access to all your information and we’ll monitor it and look out for you at all times.”

“How can anyone hurt you if we’re watching you at every moment?”

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  1. you either have diversity and surveillance state or a homogenous society. sadly, australia has chosen the former

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